Photography While Downhill Skiing

The views while downhill skiing must present terrific opportunities for the photographer. Not! Downhill skiing and photography do not go tog

Got Up and Went ... Photographing!

I recognize a middle category, that of intentional photography but with a less defined time-frame or subject - or both. Today I'm callin

Seeing versus Looking

The real sight-organ is the brain The joy of photography resides, in part, in the challenge of i) finding a pleasing scene and then ii) deducing how to translate that into a pleasing photograph. It comes as a shock, to many photographers, that simply finding something "nice", and then lining it up and shooting, often results in .. well ... let's charitably call them "suboptimal" photographs. Or why does the converse sometimes occur: you may i) recognize an otherwise banal scene as ii) containing the elements of a good photograph! (By "scene" I refer simply to the object or subject of a photograph, which could be anything from the Universe to an electron-microscope image.) Why does these thi

Against the Grain

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