Murals and Woodturnings and Art, oh my!

Commissions as art, art as art I love it when "things happen" (depending on the things), and recently I have continued to produce photographic art, and have been working on commissions. The message is: hire me to do some photography for you, and/or buy some of my art—details all here. 1/ Art. Photography for the joy of it continues to call to me, and quite regularly I just go out and find things, often but not exclusively around sunrise. I may never tire of this kind of scene —the pros and cons of "repetition" discussed in the previous blog. The St. Lawrence River is also a major seaway, and occasionally I go ship-chasing, but more often just chance across something. I don't think I'm done w

Moving Beyond Not Moving Beyond

Reconciling, nay embracing, old-but-new scenes I have limitations, just so's you know—artistic limitations, to be precise, of my imagination. I have given my local area a good inspection—and as our pandemic lockdown eases, it doesn't feel safe to me yet to stray very far afield—and I know there is a tremendous photographic potential here, which ... I have trouble finding. The good news about that is that I have to think more deeply and work harder in at least two areas: finding new scenes in old territory; finding new ways of looking at familiar scenes. I think that's good for me, if slightly uncomfortable. With two upcoming exhibitions—both now postponed—this is also providing new material

Against the Grain

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