September 22, 2019

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Singers and golfers and scenery, oh my! ​​ The adventure continues. I would like to see you an art-photograph. I would like to do a photography session with you. I would like to photograph your car or your factory. The possibilities are almost endless. Call me.

The BAPC asked me to do a presentation. I chose a topic about which I care and know something: my own personal journey into the world of photographic art. It appeared to go well. If not life-changing, I believe that I gave the well-attended room some useful things to...

I would like to review the topic from the point of view of a technical photographer, discussing the minutiae of how that went. If you feel that this might interest you, then read on.

Recently, I spent a short time in Dublin, Ireland. Going someplace new allows me to bring fresh eyes to things which perhaps the locals don't see. Travel photography feels easier.

Raymond Vos has opened his annual Gallery Raymond 7 x 7 show, in which seven photographers each hang (approximately) seven photographs. This tradition goes back at least several years.

The Words "Art" and "Photography" Belong Together Many people do indeed get this: it's what's in the frame that counts

Can I just say that so plainly, in this age of political-correctness? I see a lot of bad exposures.