The BAPC asked me to do a presentation. I chose a topic about which I care and know something: my own personal journey into the world of photographic art. It appeared to go well. If not life-changing, I believe that I gave the well-attended room some useful things to...

Once again, for someone with nothing to do, aiming at "half-time" for my retirement photography business, I feel awfully busy. Overall: happy!

Recently, gallery-visiting has been on my agenda. To some degree, it just worked in. To some degree, I made it happen. Regardless, it's been a pretty wild intellectual and/or art-appreciation romp for this geeky dude, without much similar previous exposure.

Let me start at the beginning. My parents got me some sort of humble Kodak camera when I was about ten. They paid for the occasional roll of film - and that back in the days when I actually had to roll the film on.

As the dust settles on a wonderful week (or three), I do wonder sometimes how it all fits in... I got a request for three large prints... I hit the highway to continue on to the quaint little village of Toronto... I had arranged a {Photo-Walk} - what I call "Real-...

Photography nineteenth century architectural salvage dealer. I only know that I simply revelled in the few hours I spent in that barn, and have come away with some images which, over the following days, please me more and more.

People love - and hate their own portraits. Wrinkles show, as well as grey hair - or the lack of hair! What is a portrait photographer to do?

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