Marketing or Art?

(Christmas is coming!)

Thinking about marketing includes putting oneself in the mind of the client. For example, the literature says to write a blog entry which customers would find appealing.

"Here's what I can do for you." That kind of thing. Fine. Good!

So, I would like to say that Christmas is coming, and you could commission a spectacular photograph, such as:

  • a family portrait, or

  • your car, or

  • your house, or

  • almost anything.

And then one could make that into a seasonal greeting card or a postcard - or into something to hang in your rogues' gallery. (I suggest at least an 11x14 ...)

It's all surprisingly affordable.

Or, what about a work of art as a gift? Check out the offerings. Prices fall dramatically from a large, 24-inch, professionally-matted photograph, which goes for about $200, down into the $25 range for something smaller.

As well as the "offerings" link above, check out Richard's Coffeehouse, Brockville, corner of Perth and King, where five large Brockville-area photographs of mine are hanging and ready for purchase.


Thinking about art, by contrast, includes putting oneself in one's own mind! That may have nothing very directly to do with advancing one's business.

We all have to work out our own balance between making a living and staying true to our vision.

And part of art is just going out and making art, not waiting for inspiration. That's what happened the other day when I stood on cold, dark streets and made photographs, at dawn and then at dusk. In my (small) city, streets are simply handy - and beautiful, in their own right, and in their own way.

And as Freeman Patterson has said, exercising those "photographic muscles" isn't going to hurt on my next commercial assignment.

You all know how to reach me!

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