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January 19, 2019

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Feels Like Nothing Going On

Until I made a list


Bloggers often apologize for the extended time between blogs. First of all, that assumes that throngs of admirers are panting for the next post (but let's assume they are!), but secondly that the writer has something to brag I mean blog about!


I have that feeling that nothing has happened. So I listed the nothings since my last blog. The list grew longer than I had anticipated. Here goes.

Going way back to September 4th, I paid a 6 a.m. visit to Brockville's new Railway Tunnel. I have photographed it before. Thousands of others have photographed it before and thousands more will photograph it again.


That day, the tunnel opened at 6 a.m. - this of course is before and after. You can't do a completely straight-on view, because it has a little crook at the north (far) end.

On September 7th, I paid a dawn visit to St. James Anglican Church in Maitland, Ontario. While not a parishioner, I have a connection there, and submitted a photograph last year, which resurfaced recently and led to this ongoing project.





Portraiture - an old friend (well ... we're not old ... although perhaps not young ...) asked for family portraits at her cottage ... with their rambunctious dogs. Of course I agreed, and went into cottage-country on September 10th. The day before, she belatedly confided in me that they had been unsatisfied with other professional photographers multiple times in the past. (No added pressure!) Over an 18-hour period, including a fabulous dinner then breakfast, I did three or four shoots (it depends how you count them), and ... for privacy reasons cannot show you the photos here.


However, a few days later, I got this:


"Every time I look at your photos of us, I just think 'those are the best pictures anyone has ever taken of us'."


Wow. I try not to over-value external validation. But that just feels great. (And I put a considerable amount of work into it.)


This is why people have cottages. And yes, of course I snuck a little art-photography into the portraiture. 



On September 15th, I sailed as crew with a friend in a regatta at the Brockville Yacht Club, and had a blast. I'm not saying that we were in the lead, but you will notice a lot of boats behind us.





I appeared again at dawn on Brockville's Blockhouse Island, September 16th, as I have many times before, often feeling unimaginative for showing up in the same spot again, and then often finding something new, sometimes even magical.




The freighter ship Algosea downbound at Brockville at dawn. In the far distance is a tiny blip, an upbound ship, Whitefish Bay.


(I also have a 1-minute video of Whitefish Bay passing by that morning.)


I have to refer you to larger versions of those photos - they really need to be seen that way; not hard to find here.

On September 18th, I visited Kinda Electronics, a repair shop in downtown Brockville, because I know the owner and found the shop visually fascinating. Ahmad kindly allowed me to do this project.




That said, those images do not do the store justice. You have to see it for yourself. Plus, Ahmad can fix (almost) anything, and is a nice guy.

A friend of mine (one of three) went out with cameras one morning, September 24th, and instead of woodlands, decided to try urban photography. The visual feast was such that we never moved far enough to lose sight of his car. Mostly we hovered around Brockville's First Baptist Church on Courthouse Square.




Odd thing - in the often-odd category: we had a field day with reflections in this window.

We didn't even see them until we had been there an hour.


A nice thing about urban photography is that, after our session, we could duck into a local café for lunch!

Later that day, with special permission and with a guide, I climbed the tower at the St. Lawrence Anglican Church in Brockville. It's one of the highest points of the old city, and although after an entire day of clear blue skies, clouds rolled in at about the same time as I did, it was a transcendent experience.