Charles T. Low - Photographer

Instructional Photography Walks

Light and Composition

These are simple yet effective: a half-day with a small group (2 or 3), find an outdoors locale, often near Brockville, and start making photographs. The instructor (me) will quickly discover where you are and help you make progress at a rate much accelerated, compared with the trial-and-error method.

Our goal is to produce at least one image which you would feel proud to hang on your wall.

This rapid style of learning is something which one cannot achieve simply from books (but do read books!) or in the classroom (but do take a course!).

Over roughly the next week, using email or secure, private Internet message posting, we continue to discuss the photos amongst the group, with mutual support and critique.

I will ask to use some of your images in my marketing - you may decline - and of course the copyright for any future use remains with you.

Introductory pricing is $50.

Check out this blog about the Photo Walk #1.

You know where to reach me!


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